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Young pink pussy lolita


Related article: Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 22:29:24 EDT
From: D
Subject: Feeding Time (Revised)I knew there was no way I was going to make it to my babysitting job on
time, but I just couldn't find anything to wear. I pulled my long, wet, red
hair back into a tight ponytail. I had just gotten out of the shower, and I
was supposed to be there in 10 minutes. Mr. Dumont and his wife, a newly
married young couple had just had their first baby, a beautiful boy, and
needed a night off. My mother had recommended me when she had gone to
greet them the day they moved in. I quickly threw a pair of jean-shorts
and a tight tank top on. I admired myself in the mirror for a quick second
before heading to the door."Bye Mom! I don't know when Ill be home!""Alright sweetie, I wont wait up!"Their house wasn't far away and I got there in no time. Mr. Dumont
answered the door and welcomed me into the house. He was in his late 20's,
very good looking and seemed to work out. The exercise bike in the living
room confirmed my suspicions."Hey Lisa, so great of you to do this for us, we know newborns can be a
handful." he said."No problem, I didn't have any plans tonight anyway." I responded."That's hard to believe, a young thing like you." he said, looking me up
and down. His eyes lingered a little too long on my tight top. I blushed a
little and asked where Mrs. Dumont was."She is in the other room getting ready. And do me a favor; don't call her
Sarah in front of her, she feels too old. And call me Greg.""Ok, Greg." I said with a smile.With that, Mrs. Dumont, Sarah, came out of the bathroom. I never really
noticed how beautiful she was. Her slender body was wearing a simple tight
black dress, short with spaghetti straps. Her brown hair was curled and
cascading down to the middle of her back. Her full breasts were popping out
of the dress and although I had never really been into women, I couldn't
stop looking at them. I felt a tingling between my thighs, and had to turn
away so I could pay attention pre teen lolitas nude to what she was saying to me."Now, all the emergency numbers are on the fridge, along with our cell
phone number, so if there are any problems, don't hesitate to call." I
smiled, said ok, and followed them to the door. "He's asleep in there, but
if he should wake up, there's fresh breast milk brazil erotic lolitas videos
in the fridge, just warm it
up and give it to him in a bottle." Greg pulled on her arm towards the
door."Stop worrying, I know he will be fine. He's in good hands." Greg said with
a wink. I didn't notice much because I was still mesmerized by Sarah's
beauty.I waved to them as they drove away and shut the door behind me, leaning
against it. What was wrong with me? Why had I been so fascinated by her? No
women had really turned me on before this moment. Oh well, it must be the
new mother glow or something. lolitas 11 years nude I let my hand slide down my stomache, under
my panties and into my cunt. I was so wet.I slumped down on the couch and turned the TV on. Nothing to do for a Few
hours. After about an hour, while wrapped up in a made for TV movie, I
heard the sounds of a baby crying. I quickly got up and went to his
room. He was in his crib, red faced with tears streaming down. I picked him
up and cooed at him, trying to sooth him back to sleep. I went to the
kitchen with him in my arms and set a pot to boil. I heated up the breast
milk and poured it into a bottle. When it was warm, I fed it to him, and
put him back to bed. While I was bringing the bottle back to the kitchen I
became curious. I wonder what breast milk tasted like? Especially her
milk. I had never been breastfed myself, so could not remember, even if I
could. I squirted a little into my mouth. It tasted like regular milk, but
a little sweeter. I put the bottle in the sink and went back to my movie.Before I knew it, I heard the sounds of a car coming up the driveway. I
heard keys jingling in the door and when it opened, to my surprise, only
Sarah walked in. She explained to me that they had gone out to a bar, and
because she was breastfeeding, she could not drink. So when Greg saw all
his friends and started buying rounds, she got tired and came home. Before
she had a chance to finish, we heard the baby crying in the other
room. "Aw," She said. "My poor baby misses his mommy. Come on, why don't
you stay for a little while. You could help me out and we can watch TV or
something. The night is still young" I agreed and we walked to the back
room.She instructed me to pick up the baby so she could situate herself. She sat
in a big comfy rocking chair and lolita girl photo art took one arm out of her dress. She began
to remove the front part of her bra; it was removeable for feeding. My eyes
got wide and I became excited at the thought of seeing her breasts. She
must have seen me looking because she asked if it bothered me to watch her
do this. I said no and apologized for staring. She removed the front
completely and her engorged, amateur preteen lolita images swollen breast hung out for me to enjoy. Her
nipple was large and her areola was dark. I thought I would cum at the
sight. I told her that I had never seen another woman's breasts before, and
I had also never been breastfed as a child. I gave her the baby and
immediately he went for her nipple. She said that was a shame, great bonds
form when mothers breastfeed and it is extremely healthy for the baby. I
admitted shyly that when he had woken up earlier I had tasted a little of
her milk. She said it was normal to be curious, and not to be ashamed.Almost as soon as he started crying, he had stopped. Sarah cradled him, her
beautiful breast hanging out still. "Well Lisa, would you like to try it?"My eyes widened and my pussy tightened at the thought of having her breast
in my mouth. I silently nodded, as though I were in a trance. She smiled
and got up to put the baby down."Lets get out of here, I don't want to wake him." She said.She pre lolita nymphet ls led me to her bedroom where she sat down in the middle of the bed. She
beckoned me toward her and I obediently followed. She told me to position
my head under her breast; the best way would be between her legs. I did as
she asked and she gently lifted her breast up and fed it into my waiting
mouth. I had her nipple between my lips. Her breast was soft and she
smelled wonderful. I began to suck on her nipple and almost immediately
warm milk spilled into my mouth. It image board loli ru tasted sweet and warm. I sucked a
little bit harder and moaned into her flesh. I could hear her breathing
quicken as I increased my pressure on her tit. She had her arms wrapped
around me, cradling me, but as her breathing increased, her hands roamed my
body, kneading my flesh. I put my hand on her thigh, and watched as her
head rolled back and she let out a quiet moan. My hand moved slowly up her
thigh to under her short skirt as I kept feeding on her wonderful milk. My
fingers grazed her pussy, teasing her a little. She bit her lip as I
started massaging her clit through her panties. I could feel her dripping
pussy leaking through the cloth, so I moved the fabric aside and inserted a
finger into her sopping wet cunt. She groaned as I penetrated her with 2
more fingers, wiggling them back and forth inside her. I was moaning into
her breast, loving every drop of that succulent nectar. I started ramming
my fingers deep inside her, 4 fingers in her, sliding in and out so
easily. I started attacking her clit with one finger, wanting to make her
cum. She was moaning loud and pushing her pelvis into my hand. I rubbed her
harder and fucked her with as much of my hand as would fit inside her
beautiful pussy. He milk filled my mouth as she came all over my hand,
grabbing my head and shoving my face onto her breast. She was screaming for
me not to stop. As her orgasm subsided, I kept pressure on her clit,
milking the rest of the orgasm out of her as I had her sweet juice.I let her tit fall out of my mouth and reached up to give her a wet, milky
kiss. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and licked her pussy juice clean
off my hand. "Mmmm, I love the way every part of you tastes." I groaned."Anytime you're hungry," She said with a sly smile. "I'd be happy to
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